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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Winters in the UK can be harsh at times. To make your car winter-ready, you should get a professional winter check Nottingham from reliable workshops. A professional winter service will prepare your car to handle the distinct challenges of winter tracks.

Opt for DPR Motors MOT and Service Centre Ltd. to avail efficient winter servicing. We provide comprehensive winter checks at affordable rates and ensure your vehicle delivers maximum performance during the harsh cold months.

Our in-house experts use modern tools and machinery while performing winter checks. They will conduct the necessary checks and offer suitable solutions as required.

So, to enjoy comfortable and safe drives in winter, make sure to visit us at Unit 3 Redwood Court, Salisbury Street, Nottingham, NG7 2BQ for a car winter check Nottingham.

What do we check?

Our experts check a list of car components while conducting winter checks Nottingham.

Here are some details on the checks included:


Our team ensures the tread depth of your car’s tyres is at least 1.6 mm (the legal minimum). Besides checking the tread depth, we measure the tyre pressure and check the carcass condition. We may also suggest a specialised winter variant for optimal control, handling and stability on ice covered tracks.

Battery Check

Do you know many vehicle break downs in winter happen due to battery failure?

To avoid such consequences, you should definitely get a winter check from us. Our experts check your car’s battery condition to discover any problems on time before they can cause any issues. We can replace the battery if needed.

Coolant Inspection

Your car engine’s coolant should have a mixture of distilled water and antifreeze in 50-50 consistency for efficient temperature regulation. We will check your car’s coolant and the antifreeze and refill them if necessary.

Windscreen Wiper Check

Inspection of windscreen wipers during winters is necessary so that you get clear visibility during the winter months. We will check the condition of the wiper blades and also refill the wiper fluid level if necessary.

Other checks include:

  • Oil level check
  • Electrical components check and more
  • Mirrors
  • Interior- and outside lights

Sounds good?

So, do not look for “winter check Nottingham” anymore and consult with our experts instead.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate and call us on 01159782828 or 07925310460 or write to us at sales@dprmotors.co.uk.

Our friendly team will be happy to provide the necessary assistance.