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Are you looking for Screenwash And Wiper Blades for your vehicle?

Wiper blades effectively remove snow, dirt, pollen grains, water, etc., from your car's windscreen. It helps in enhancing your visibility to ensure safe driving. However, harsh weather and regular usage can damage the wiper blades and reduce their efficiency.

Therefore, a routine wiper blade inspection from a reliable facility is necessary.

Are you looking for professional screenwash and wiper blade replacement Nottingham at affordable rates?

Reach DPR Motors MOT and Service Centre Ltd at Unit 3 Redwood Court, Salisbury Street, Nottingham, NG7 2BQ

Signs of faulty wiper blades

  • Screeching noise while wiping
  • Water traces on the windscreen after a wipe
  • Damaged rubber
  • Bent metal parts

How Do We Fix It?

  • We inspect the wiper blades and replace them with OE-grade spare parts if needed
  • Our technicians also top up the screen washer fluid with a high-grade solution
  • We inspect the windscreen washer pump to check the flow of washer fluid

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